Tips For New Puppy Owners

There is nothing quite like a new puppy. A few weeks after you bring your puppy home though the kids are not as interested and your puppy becomes very mobile, and if you’re not careful they can become very destructive. That’s why I have put together a list of steps that can greatly help you with your new puppy.


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Training Your New Puppy or Dog

Bringing a fresh puppy into your household is always an exciting and fun time. People want to play with, cuddle and hold the little ball of fur. The very last thing on the minds of all puppy owners is training the modern addition, but it’s essential that puppy training and socialization begin as quickly as possible. 

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Grooming Your Puppy or Dog

Grooming your pet should begin when they are puppies as this will help them become accustomed to being touched all over their bodies while they are standing still or lying on their stomach or side. If you adopt an older dog you will have to introduce him to grooming gradually unless he is accustomed to being handled and touched all over his body.

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Your Dog is Your Baby

With over 300 dog breeds in the world there each of them has unique personalities and characteristics that makes them different. has compiled articles, links, and other information to help you succeed as a dog owner.

Our 3 main goals are to: Educate the dog owner, provide access to valuable dog products at discounted prices, and increase the happiness in the lives of the millions of dogs who currently have a home as well as those who need one.